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Spectre X

The Ares Spectre X is a great beginner quad to learn how to fly on and it comes with a camera that allows you to take aerial video. THere is also an optional uopgrade that will allow you to stream FPV back to your smartphone.


New Losi Micros

These new Losi Micros are brushless and sleek. The new hypercharge batteries get you running in about 8 minutes to keep you running all day long.



FPV racing is becoming quite popular, but you need to start somewhere. The Nano QX is easy to fly and with the new Spektrum Micro FPV system on board, you can feel like you are in the pilot seat. Comes with or without the Fat Shark headset.

Blade 300 CFX Helicopter

Blade 300 CFX

The Blade 300 CFX uses the same servo geometry as the Blade 700 X Pro. This virtually eliminates mechanical inefficiency by keeping swashplate links near vertical throughout their range of motion. The result is flawless cyclic and collective response that feels almost telekinetic.

Super Cub S

Super Cub S

Horizon Hobby has integrated the revolutionary SAFE technology system into the Super Cub S to make it easier than ever to teach yourself to fly. With SAFE technology, pilots can fly the Super Cub S in three flight modes and have a panic button to return the Super Cub S to steady flight at any time .

The Blade Nano QX FPV in Stock

Winter is here, but the fun doesn't have to stop with the Nano QX FPV. The original Nano QX is a really fun and stable quadcopter. With the new FPV version, you can sit on the couch and explore your house. It is a great way to get used to flying FPV for beginners too.  The FPV camera connects to most Fat Shark FPV goggles. There is an RTF version with everything you need to start doing FPV right out of the box. Once you have the goggles, you can enjoy other FPV ready products or buy additional cameras. An FPV camera on a 1/18 scale truck is as much fun as flying.

The new Blade 350 QX3s are In Stock!

This ready-to-fly camera quad gives you everything you need to capture amazing aerial video, all in one box. It’s equipped with the Blade® CGO2 GB 3-axis stabilized camera and includes the transmitter, batteries and charger you’ll need to fly it. The CGO2 also can transmit almost real time video back to your smart phone, so you can see what you are recording while you are doing it. Click here for more information on the AP Edition.

New Dromida 1/18th Scale Trucks and Buggies!

 Looking fro a great gift for the kids this Christmas? Check out the new DB4.18 Desert Buggy and DT4.18 Desert Truck. These are great for smaller spaces, but can run outside pretty well too. With the waterproof electronics, the kids can even drive through some snow. The light bar is the latest feature Dromida has added to the 1/18th scale line and are bright enough to keep you running even after the sun goes down. These RTR kits come with everything you need, including batteries!  Come in and check them out in the store.

The Blade 180 CFX is IN STOCK! Only $249.99!

 Get the feel of the Blade Pro series in a micro package. The Blade 180 is a totally new design for micro helis that uses the best features of its bigger brothers. AS3X with Piro compensation, carbon fiber frame and ball bearing supported torque tube are just a few of the features. It is now in stock and these helis are going to be popular! Click here for more info about the new 180 CFX.

The Perfect Trainer Plane: The HobbyZone Sport Cub S is In Stock!

Start with a small 3 channel trainer or a bigger 4 channel? It's always been a tough choice. Now you don't have to make a decision with the HobbyZone Sport Cub S. You get 4 channels to learn on and SAFE technology to keep your flights controlled and steady until you are ready to turn it off and try some rolls and loops. Cubs are made for flying in some wind too and the 2' wing span and should keep it pretty stable in light winds.  Everything you need to fly is in the box and it is only $129.99! So if you have been waiting to try flying, this is the plane for you.

Dromida Kodo - The Micro Quad with On Board Camera

To be honest, we were not expecting a lot from the Dromida Kodo because previous mini quads tend to not be that agile because of the weight of the camera. Because this quad is a little bigger, it makes a huge difference. It handles well and is very stable. We especially like the rubberized blade guards that will not snap in a crash. Check out our review of the Kodo and then come in and check it out for yourself. Only $59.99!

Ultra Micro FPV System with Headset by Spektrum in Stock!

Ultra Micro FPV System with Headset by Spektrum

We've been carrying Fat Shark and some other FPV stuff recently, but the new Ultra Micro FPV System from Spektrum is amazing! Everything you need comes in the box and the camera is designed to attach in minutes! Plus, this system comes with a new digital head tracking system! When you look around with the headset on, the camera adjusts its field of view so you feel like you are looking around too! Click a button on the headset and switch to a full view from the camera.

The Axial Racing Yeti XL 1/8 Scale Monster Buggy is IN STOCK

As you can see from the video, we could not wait to try the Yeti XL. We heard about it having a ton of power (You can go up to 6S on this beast) and still be a controllable. This 1/8th scale Monster Buggy did not disappoint us. The suspension is built to handle rough terrains and the biggest jumps you can throw at it. Plus it was designed for easy repairs when you need to. This RTR kit is great out of the box. Big Squid RC's review says every basher should have one. We agree. Click here for more information

Flying Your Aircraft Safety

You may have seen stories about drones in the news, both positive and negative. Reckless flying and disobeying the rules hurts everyone who enjoys flying as a hobby. Please watch this video for a fun overview of the rules of flying and make sure to check over your aircraft before and after flying. For more guidance on flying, find a local AMA club by visiting modelaircraft.org.

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