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Yes, We are still open!

New Address! Search Winemiller International RC Field for exact directions.

Hours are by appointment only

NEW PHONE NUMBER: 570-434-3434

Mailing/Shipping Address: 145 Prout Ln., New Milford, PA 18834

The new 230 S BNF & RTF! Heli flying is easier than ever!

Collective pitch mechanics are a key element to learning sport aerobatics with a helicopter. When combined with the durability of a 230-size heli, pilots get the “wow” factor in an airframe that’s practical. Until now, learning with a collective pitch machine still had an intimidation factor. The Blade® 230 S collective-pitch electric heli is engineered to meet and go beyond the needs of the new heli pilot by offering a highly-tuned machine with innovative SAFE® technology so that it’s easy for any pilot to achieve first-flight success, prevent crashes and then move on into advanced flight, all with one heli. Pick up one today!

The NEW P-51 Mustang S 8cc BNF Gas Trainer!

The Hangar 9® P-51 Mustang S 8cc gas powered trainer is the beginner solution for club-pilots who want the fast track to flight success with a really cool plane. Based on the most celebrated fighter airplane ever, the Mustang S has been engineered to deliver a confident learning experience right from the first flight—even if you have never flown before.

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Flying Your Aircraft Safety

You may have seen stories about drones in the news, both positive and negative. Reckless flying and disobeying the rules hurts everyone who enjoys flying as a hobby. Please watch this video for a fun overview of the rules of flying and make sure to check over your aircraft before and after flying. For more guidance on flying, find a local AMA club by visiting